Polyvore Diaries: For the bipolar

For the bipolar by alyssacncpcn featuring high-waisted jeans The weather here in Manila has been bipolar lately. Sunny in the m...

For the bipolar

The weather here in Manila has been bipolar lately. Sunny in the morning, then comes the rain at the afternoon. Of course, it's a hassle for fashionistas (wow yes fashionista hahaha) like me to dress up appropriately for the weather because I do believe you don't have to sacrifice your comfort just to look good. Although there are exceptions for me sometimes, but then a big factor of wearing a great outfit, is wearing it along with a great confidence. 

So yeah, here's an outfit inspo for the bipolar weather.
Sleeveless Tops- I find the peach crochet top, a very weather friendly top. Since it's not too summer-y kind of a top, it's also not for the really cold weather. I think it's just neutral. As well as the nautical blue sleeveless silk shirt. The shade of blue can be both for a hot or cold weather, not too dark, and not too light.

Loose Tees- The nice thing about wearing loose tees, is that it's breezy. When it suddenly rains, a friendly cardigan or jacket always works with it.

Short Blouses- Kind of a crop top, but not the breezy kind of crop top. Which is nice because it's material is not that of a thin cloth and it's floral! I've been in love with this kind of blouse recently and a blouse like this could go great with any bottom, but most especially with a high waist pants.

Plaid Shirts- A great combo for plaid shirts are tank tops, just like the 5sos top at the picture. Although, I'd say flannels are too thick. I think this is the most convenient outfit, because when it's cold, it could be worn with the tank top inside, and when the weather becomes sunny, you can remove the plaid shirt and just tie it in your waist.

Midi Skirts/Skater Skirts- Although the floral skirt on the left side of the picture isn't really a skater skirt, but it's length is just the same (i think), and the floral skirt on the right side, is the midi skirt. Wearing skirts can be comfortable on a hot weather, as well as on a cold weather. I think it just depends on how you style it.

High Waist Pants- It may be plainly jeans or with a distressing. It goes well with crop tops or short blouses. 

Boyfriend Jeans- This has been the trend recently and I think, it is not that really simple to carry. I mean, when you put up an outfit with boyfriend jeans, you have to have this right confidence and right styling of wearing it.

Midi Shorts- Not to short shorts like what it's commonly known for most Filipinos as "pekp*k shorts," and not too long for a 3/4 shorts or tokong shorts. Just the right length.

Loose Shorts- Although, it might be a summer piece, I think it's still nice to wear it during this bipolar weather. Since in a day, the sunny weather is longer than the cold rainy weather. 

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