5 Reasons Why Having A Big Sister Is Great

I have to be honest and tell you guys that I never really get along with my big sister most of the time. I can barely think of something...

I have to be honest and tell you guys that I never really get along with my big sister most of the time. I can barely think of something we have in common besides fashion and blogging, I guess? But don't get me wrong, we do bond  and have fun too. It's just that I think I have a lot more common with my brother. But anyway, my sister had her birthday just this 22nd, she turned 23! And here's an appreciation post for her and all other big sisters out there!

1. You can share each others' clothes

It's one of the greatest perks of having a sister in general. Back then, my sister and I used to share some of our clothes, way back when I was just a pre-teen and she's a teen. Those were the days when I'm still not yet sure what my style really is, so I just ride along what my sister think is cool. Hahaha! But actually now, we barely share our clothes, probably just our jackets. I think it's because we are now more conscious of what we wear and we are grown ups now, I don't think it's pleasant to show people that we wear the same outfit. Haha! But I am honestly jealous of how big her closet is, my sister has closet full of clothes and If you'll see, my closet is probably just 1/4 of hers. Sad. 

2. You have someone on your side when you try to point out something to your parents

She can totally back you up when you are trying to prove something to your parents. Yes, parents, because they can be very skeptical with their children, ya know. Like if I want something, then I have to justify why I need it, my sister can totally help me out convince our parents. *wink wink*

3. You have a role model while growing up

My sister has been a constant role model for me, ever since. When were still at the same school, I was still in elementary and she was in high school, I would hang out with her and her "clique" (yes clique haha) during our dismissal since it is very important that I wait for my sister because we should always go home together since I was still very naive back then about commuting. I thought, I wanted to have a "barkada" like that and I want people to see me as cool as her. Anyway, I've always looked up to her, how she handles her school and social life so well. Whenever I need a guidance especially stuff about growing up, I always reflect on how she done it before. She has a lot of achievements that made me inspired to challenge myself to be better. :)

4. You have someone to annoy

Obviously, it is always fun to annoy our sister. Me and my brother always team up against our sister haha! I don't think there's much words to explain this reason. You know what I mean already! ;)

5. She can be your best critic

Not sure if that top goes well with your skirt? Worried about socializing with other people? Don't know how to deal with relationships? Well, fret not! Your sister can be your best critic about your fashion sense, social skills, and dealing with relationships. She can surely provide you her opinion and constructive criticism.

Here's a video too of a great song about sisters! I really liked this song ever since and I did plan to sing this at my sister's debut. But I wasn't able to perform because I was really very shy and not confident back then, so I backed out. Hahaha! Anyway, I hope you liked this post and remember to appreciate your sister even though she can be a bit bitchy sometimes hahaha!


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