I'm Bloglovin' it! (plus some catching up)

This is probably the second or third time that I'll be posting about the website/app Bloglovin' . But since, I've been on...

This is probably the second or third time that I'll be posting about the website/app Bloglovin'. But since, I've been on a hiatus from my blog for more than a month now, just this weekend, I finally got the time to check up on the blogs I'm following. I've been really busy getting back to school and
guess who ALMOST made it to the dean's list??? Yup, me. If it wasn't for that one class that got me a 2.0. Sad. But there's always a next term hahaha! Anyway, so I just started my 2nd term in DLS-CSB (yup, I'm a transferee. In case you wanna know). It's been really going great so far. I've been really grateful for the great friends I've had since my first day in Benilde. :)

Now okay, after that catching up, like what I've said, it's just this weekend that I had time to check up on the blogs I follow. I use Bloglovin' for a more organized reading. I am absolutely in love with Bloglovin' ever since. 

This is my profile. Yup. You can see your saved posts, followers, people you follow, and collections. As you can see, I own a lot of blogs. Yup. Hahaha! I've been blogging probably since I was 13 or 14? But I've just been really inconsistent. So, even though some of my previous blogs are now inactive, I still want to own them (because you can claim a blog if it's yours in Bloglovin') so I can check them from time to time and have some throwback moments hahaha! When you follow a profile of someone, you'll be updated on the blog posts they save, etc.

So here's the blog post from the blog of Bloglovin' itself, they also feature different bloggers; professionals, amateurs, up and coming bloggers. So, yeah, I've been on a follow spree on different beauty blogs because of this, even though I'm a very lazy girl who doesn't really put that much make-up. Tbh. Hahaha! 

They also have different blog categories. They also feature fashion, food, travel, photography, etc.

So here's my blog page. If you do, follow a blog itself, then you'll be notified with new posts every time that there is.

You can create different collections to sort out your saved posts, so you can go backread on them if you like. :)

Bloglovin' feeds my creative inspirations and I'm really diggin' it! Hahaha! So go make your own profile. You don't necessarily need to own a blog. Just go and make one! :) (of course don't forget to follow me lol)

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