My Christmas Wishlist 2015

My Christmas Wishlist 2015 by alyssacncpcn featuring samsung smartphones Hola! I am deeply sorry for being on a blogging hiatus ...

My Christmas Wishlist 2015

My Christmas Wishlist 2015 by alyssacncpcn featuring samsung smartphones

Hola! I am deeply sorry for being on a blogging hiatus for 2 months already. I've been really busy especially with school. But it was all worth it! I almost got in the Dean's List. Well, yeah almost. And I'm proud of my progress, I don't need to be hard on 
myself. Haha! :) So tomake up to you guys, I've put up my own Christmas wishlist for this year and you might get an idea to add some of mine to yours or maybe an idea what to give to your loved ones!

1. Brand new phone
I'm not really satisfied with my phone right now and I wouldn't want to rant much about it because when I do, it's usually detailed and this post might be really lengthy. So I've been eyeing on these latest Samsung galaxy phones in the market --- Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Why not an iPhone? Well, because I made myself a promise or kind of like a goal to myself, that I will only get an iPhone if I'm gonna get a plan. Postpaid phone plan. So it means I have to get like a job first so I can support myself and pay my monthly plan fees then.

2. FRENDS x BaubleBar Kaleidoscope Taylor Headphones Set
You have to admit that these headphones are totally pretty! I couldn't help but want them ugh. They have interchangeable caps which is very cool. So when I'm feeling pretty and girly, I'd go for the bejeweled caps then when I feel like being a minimalist and just simple, I'd put on the metallic ones. *wink wink*

3. iPad mini 4
Most of the time it's such a hassle to read e-books and review my online notes when I only read it thru my, I think at least 5-inch display screen phone.

4. Makeup brush set
I consider myself, still a noob at makeup. Most of the time, I'm lazy to put on makeup. I'd go on a day without putting any makeup on when i go to school. Probably just a swipe of a good lip balm then a swipe of oil control sheets in the afternoon.

5. Spa day
After all the stress I've experienced, especially at school, I think it's only fair that I treat myself a spa day. I truly believe I deserve this! Hahaha!

6. Bookmark light
I have this bad habit of trying to read or write in the dark. I know, I know. And I already have a vision of 20/50 now. Nice. So this is really a need. 

7. #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso
Almost every blogger and it girl out there has probably posted about reading this on their blogs or instagram, I wanna know what's so amazing about this book. It intrigues me. So yeah, planning to get a copy of it. Also, other beauty/fashion books out there!

8. 2016 Planner
I'm planning to get the Belle de Jour 2016 planner ever since. I've had one last 2014 but not this 2015 which is when I solely relied on my phone as my planner.

9. Acoustic guitar
If you're not that close to me, you probably don't know that I sing and play a little guitar. Legit. I actually posted like 2 videos of me singing while playing a guitar on YouTube. Hahaha! Yup. And right now, I really really miss playing the guitar and just jam badly. It's been years since I last sing and played hahaha and I'm not that sure if I still got them skills though haha.

10. Makeup bag
Since I am admittedly a noob at these beauty or makeup stuff, so I haven't had a makeup bag. Imagine how my makeup stuff are always scattered inside my bag. Ugh. So yeah, I badly need a makeup bag.

I might get myself a thing or two from this wishlist. I hope I can! Hahaha! I honestly believe I deserve it with all the progress I've made in my life right now. How about you guys? What's on your Christmas wishlist this year? :)


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