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Most of the time when I feel like watching random movies or tv series and whatnots and I don't find any good one, I get stuck at consta...

Most of the time when I feel like watching random movies or tv series and whatnots and I don't find any good one, I get stuck at constantly switching channels on our television. And most of the time when that happens, a nice cooking show never fails to show up and entertain me the least. I mean, hello, it's food!! Unfortunately, I'm not good at cooking. The only thing I know how to cook is probably instant noodles and pancakes.... I've cooked rice before, but that was once and it was like, what, 5 years ago or something?? Hahaha!
Anyway, I've been following this really amazing blog which posts a lot about DIY projects, food recipes, and whatnot. A Beautiful Mess it is!! Pardon me for not explaining much about this blog for now, because I fear this will become a very lengthy post if I do so haha and I'm planning to make a segment in my blog about other different blogs that inspire me the most hehe. So, do watch out for it soon!! Back to the topic, so ABM posts a lot of food recipes and it inspired me as well like the cooking shows hahahaha. So, one evening when my mom decided that she was too exhausted from work, she didn't cooked anything. She made me cook the rice... Frankly, I was proud of mastering how to cook a rice, when in fact, the last time I did it was 5 years ago... Surprise, I BURNED THE RICE. HAHAHAHAHA! I know :( Sad. Well, it's not that burned like burned black, maybe more of burned brown, but still edible!! Hahaha! Okay, so despite that I still tried cooking something as a viand (ulam) to come along with our "brown" rice. Hahaha! So here, I tried looking for what's possible to mix up in the canned goods section. I didn't bother much too look for raw food like vegetables and whatnot because it's hassle and I'm alone in cooking so, I'm not that pretty confident.
I was supposed to add some onions, but I fear I'm gonna make it worse. So I just used all of them canned goods. Haha!
I didn't add oil anymore because the tuna canned good already had a vegetable oil inside it, so it's pretty convenient. I added the tuna first,then the sliced sausages, then the corn (my all time fave yum ugh). After mixing, tossing, or whatever cooking term lol I think around 10 mins(?), I put it on the plate and added the pineapple tidbits there. I honestly think pineapples aren't supposed to be cooked... So, am I right about that?? Hahaha!
It's actually great if it has a lot of pineapple in it. I swear. (and corn, of course. Never forget the corn)

I was actually planning to legit buy some ingredients this coming weekend when we go to the grocery. I hope I could cook again some time. I think it would really be fun to cook, especially if it's for someone special, like my family. It would also be a benefit especially for my mom, so maybe when she comes home from work, I would relieve her from her cooking stress. Hahaha! And I also think learning how to cook, adds up a point to becoming independent. ;)

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