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7 things to avoid wearing this rainy season! by alyssacncpcn featuring highwaisted denim shorts It's rainy season again here ...

7 things to avoid wearing this rainy season!

7 things to avoid wearing this rainy season! by alyssacncpcn featuring highwaisted denim shorts

It's rainy season again here in the Philippines! Hooray for sweater weather! Haha. That cozy feeling when you're at home, chillin a with your sweater, book, a cup of coffee and a cozy music to accompany you. But when you go outside of your house, watch out for the water and strong winds. Here are my personal tips on what to avoid wearing during this rainy season. :)

1. Flowy dresses
       It's hard to keep your poise when you always have to struggle keeping your dress down because of the wind, right? So bid goodbye to your summer/flowy dresses for now. 

2. Thin flowy skirts
       Same with flowy dresses, it's really a struggle. Like for my personal experience, since I study at DLSU, we have this Henry Sy Grounds where a lot of students just hang out, sit on the floor and chill. On that very ground, the wind blows the hardest. EVERY. TIME. I. SWEAR. It's been a struggle for me, sometimes even if it's not raining, when I wear a skirt or dress of course i have to keep my guard on it and what happens is I get my hair all looking so messy (no, not a good messy hair) and it's really awkward especially if I have to take the escalator! Although, there are some skirts, like leather or those skater skirts of heavy cloth material, which are not too flowy, can still be used. :) 

3. Light colored pants
       Last year, I've had this incident before when I forgot that the rain just stopped like less than 2 hours before I left early in the morning at my house, so I wore my light green pants. Guess what. When I got to school, I just noticed some mud  stains at the bottom back part of my pants. Awesome, right?? not. So of course I just wanted to really go home, end that day and pretend it was all just a design on my pants. 

4. Velvet/Suede shoes
       Shoes that are made of suede or velvet aren't really suitable with water as it may put some stains on your favorite pair of suede flats, just like mine. Well, I don't think I still need to tell how my suede flats went stained by the water. I think it's pretty obvious. Although, there are some ways that you can still revive your suede/velvet flats, just Google it hehe.

5. Short shorts
       The cold weather may not be that comfortable for your legs. As to what they say in Filipino, "baka malamigan." When that happens, your legs will eventually get sore. Although, you can still wear it with some layering, like wearing tights underneath. Same with skirts or dresses that you can wear tights underneath.

6. Flowy or Mini crop tops
      Showing off too much of your belly... I don't think it's ever a trend during rainy seasons. Although some may crop tops can still be worn, as long as they are not that super cropped, like mini crop tops and flowy. Some crop tops like those that are paired with bodycon midi skirts, or crop tops with long sleeves and thick enough.

7. Cut-out/Crochet tops
       Well most of crochet tops are really those with cut-outs, right? Well yes, the more cut-outs, the more you won't feel warm. And I really think that crochet tops are really for summer vibes. Fortunately, you can still wear those tops with the help of wearing a jacket or cardigan. 

Never worry, because it won't surely rain EVERY day and there are lots of alternatives! Just be smart about it. ;) So just patiently wait for a sunny day this season and be sure to wear the right clothes! :) 

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