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When I had the chance to go to the mall this week (because I went to the bank to pay for a shirt that I bought online), I figured why not b...

When I had the chance to go to the mall this week (because I went to the bank to pay for a shirt that I bought online), I figured why not buy something to add my artsy stuff and book collection? But actually, I planned to put up a budget with what's in my purse that day. I allotted 700 for a memory card (very unfortunate of me not to have one on my phone and i am suffering), then originally around 200-300 for a book and a new marker or any color pen. Since I wanted to buy a really good memory card, a memory card that's not only pocket-friendly, but with a great life time and quality as well. So I texted my brother for a recommendation and stuff because he's the techie one. His elongated, detailed text overwhelmed me. So I decided not to buy anymore and just buy next time when I'm already with him at the mall. So I end up spending half of my budget for the memory card into the books and one Sharpie marker and a Gtec pen :( Nyahaha anyway here it is! 

I bought the Insurgent at the National Bookstore for Php 399 and the two other books from the BookSale, which is one of my most favorite shops ever!! I used to go there with my friend whenever we go to our local mall (SM Bicutan), we would stay there for hours (i'm not even kidding... ok maybe probably idk but the minimum time we spend there is at least 30-45mins(?)). It such a nice feeling to find great books at a very lowered and affordable prices! See the book "The Aviators" right there in the picture above? It only costs Php 185!!! It's a Nat Geo book and a hard bound one, so I'm pretty sure it's original price was waaaay more expensive than that. Then that book "The Best American Political Writings 2007" only costs... Php 10. Yep, you read that right, 10 Philippine Pesos. IT'S ONE OF THE GREATEST DEAL I HAVE EVER UGH. JUST. UGH. For some bizarre reason, I find books such as politics, culture, history, and anything international related books so interesting. I guess that's what I really want. Ok. I am actually planning to shift my degree program from Mathematics to International Studies/Diplomatic Affairs. I do hope I get in. Mehehe. *Wish me luck pls pls* But yeah, maybe math wasn't really meant for me. Nyahaha.

Anyway, a lot of writing/talking there. So, since 2015 has started, I've been devoting myself into exploring more artsy stuff. I've been doing a lot of typographies in my notebook and I've also been active in blogging lately. I've been exploring my artsy side. HAHAHA! Along with that, I've been reading a book daily. It's called "Daily Readings from Become A Better You" which is a gift from one of my best friends. I've been struggling a lot lately with very personal issues. I'm in a phase of my self-discovery, of what I really want in life, what field do I excel in, and whatnots. I might be too late in the view of others, but nothing and no one's too late in the eyes of God. As long as you have your good intentions, motivation, and hard work, you're sure to succeed. Quotes like "Do what you love. Love what you do." and "Hard work beats talent" actually fits this. No one could help you but yourself. Be your own hero. 

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