Bazaar For All Seasons 9

Hey people! Last week, Bazaar For All Seasons 9 happened, as what I have posted before ( here ). Our shop's first bazaar beside SuperSa...

Hey people! Last week, Bazaar For All Seasons 9 happened, as what I have posted before (here). Our shop's first bazaar beside SuperSale Bazaar! I wanna share some of my experiences and I have to be honest, there were kinda lots of fail moments. One is, we weren't able to set-up our tent because the space is only 2x2 but our tent's 2x3. Another is, we didn't have any tarpaulin yet. So it was pretty hard for people to notice our booth. And we had no light because we didn't have a tent. All in all it was a really really fail moment, but we just continued positively and just shake it off. HAHAHAHA! A lesson learned for the next time we join another bazaar! And to frankly, I didn't roam around that much so I wasn't really able to go to most booths except for those near us and near the comfort room because I was busy manning our booth the whole day, every day. It's true. Hahaha! Anyway, here's a haul I got from the bazaar that I'm so excited to use!!
We bought this gorgeous clear crystal necklace and hair clip/wrap from Walk by Faith. Their booth was just actually beside us and the whole time I was manning our booth, I can't help by stare at their gorgeous crafts! <3
Here's a closer look at the details of the hair clip/wrap. 

Here's a pair of sunnies from OhSunnies! I was so excited to buy a new pair of sunglasses because I broke my latest one and I barely had a decent one. So yup.
Love the floral print! <3

Now here's the real deal! I got these two sandals from Kara Zapatos with their promo of Buy 1 and get your 2nd pair for 50% off! Amazing, right?? And actually, I was running out of shoes. Yes, I only have 3 sneakers, 2 flats (only one is decent enough), 1 pair of booties, and 1 sandals that already broken. So I'm really desperate to buy a pair of new shoes. See how impulsive I was buying that Valentino inspired flats from SuperSale Bazaar? Yeah. Hahaha! Anyway, another good thing about this is that it's locally made at Marikina! Let's support local products, yeah? ;)

All these pictures were still unedited btw. And with all these that I bought, I'm pretty much broke. Haha! Anyway, hope you enjoyed and got inspired what to buy on your next shopping treat to yourself as well!

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