I can feel it (plus Bazaar For All Seasons 9 & a GIVEAWAY)

It's already March and I'm pretty sure a lot of us are already starting to feel the hot weather gradually. I think for most count...

It's already March and I'm pretty sure a lot of us are already starting to feel the hot weather gradually. I think for most countries, it's practically spring already but here in the Philippines, there isn't spring but just summer lol ok. A lot of people are definitely looking forward to this most awaited season. I mean, who doesn't love the thought of summer? Being on the beach, going on vacation with your loved ones, and no school & work(for some). Definitely a break that everybody wants. Although, the hard part about summer is the intense heat, so much heat that some people take a bath more than twice a day. I'm too excited for summer that I wanted to do a summer ootd even when I'm just at our house. Hahaha! 

These pictures were used for our entry at the #BFAS9CONTEST ;) (and yes i have ugly knees, i knoooww i have sagging skin around it because i don't exercise much before, and i eat a lot. Yes, believe it or not but I really do and probably most of what I eat doesn't go into my stomach but more on my legs. I have to work on that :()
 Bikini Strapless Top: Yanna Clothing | Shorts: Coco Cabana | Beach Cover-Up: Yanna Clothing
 Everything was unedited (except our official entry lol my sister made that). I wish I could edit these pictures to enhance them but I'm happy enough that I've recently learned stuff about setting-up our DSLR for better images even without edits! 
That's why I'm doing a lot of saving up. I need a new phone and laptop (because I'm using my dad's office laptop that he doesn't use and it doesn't allow me to install any application. ANY. So no Adobe shiznits for me or whatever :( ) 
Hi Ate!! It's our "kunwari having fun kasi summer" pose. HAHAHAHA! I'm sorry =))

Along with these pictures, I'm gonna promote our shop. LOL. Hahaha! PLEASE PLEASE help us win a free booth and some ca-ching (lol) by following these 2 simple steps:

1. Follow @bazaarforallseasons on Instagram (because their account is private so there's no point of telling you guys to just simply like our photo lol sorry :( )
2. Then, go find our poster (same with the picture attached below this) and HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON! YASSS. 

AND by actually doing these steps, and IF we win, you might be one of the 10 lucky winners of something!! Yes, something. Surprise? Hehehe. So please please. Help us! The last day of liking will be today, so go!! And don't forget to actually go to the bazaar itself and visit our booth hehehe. Thank you so much in advance if you do so <3

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