The SuperSale Bazaar Summer 2015 Experience

Just this last weekend at the World Trade Center Tent, the SuperSale Bazaar Summer edition for this year happened. A lot of great shops and ...

Just this last weekend at the World Trade Center Tent, the SuperSale Bazaar Summer edition for this year happened. A lot of great shops and bloggers were there and one of them was my sister and as usual we had the chance to showcase our online shop which was really amazing! I was manning our booth every since day 1 and IT IS REALLY EXHAUSTING. I'm not even exaggerating. Hahaha but really. So here's something to share with you guys!

Here's a picture of me and Ms. Denise Lunod of Simone's Fashion Closet! So happy because I've been a reader of her blog since I started my own blog hehe and she approached our shop first that's why I was able to talk to her hahaha. Her booth was just beside ours! Ms. Ana Gonzales of Anagon was actually our booth neighbor and they shared the booth together. I just wish next time that I'd have the courage to approach Ms. Ana because I've always loved her blog as well ever since and I would always see her during the SuperSale Bazaar but I wasn't just sure how to approach her :( Next time though!! I promise. Hahaha! 
Lol hi mom!! Hahaha! Our lucky charm that always attracts the customers and we don't know why but it's her thing! HAHAHA! 
Here's our booth! Yeah, I honestly think we should level up our booth for our next bazaar! Hahaha!
We also sell BioOil in our booth! But it's actually from our brother's shop. You can check their shop (BeyWatch16) that offers mainly authentic watches, but they also sell BioOil and other random clothes and authentic and branded bags! :)
 Lol sorry for the crappy unedited photos, I used my parents' iPad mini because I don't have a phone. My phone surprisingly gave up on my while I was actually taking photos of our booth, it's constantly restarting until the battery drains. Ugh. 

And here's what I've bought during the bazaar! (And a kinda better quality pictures because I took it with my DSLR but still crappy editing i know, I couldn't find a better picture editor. CAN YOU NOW SEE WHY MY PHONE IS MY EVERYTHING. PRECIOUS. HAHAH)

Here's a top that I absolutely fell in love with the moment I saw it!! And I already have a lot of outfit ideas for this one! It's from our shop Yanna Clothing! And it's only 250php! Great bargain, right?? *wink*

All the pictures of this mason jar (?) or jar mug (?) or mason mug (?) lol sorry I'm not sure what this thing is actually called. But yeah. Anyway, all the pictures of this one was unedited, the original pictures were better. Couldn't complain. Hahaha! Anyway, can you believe I only bought this for 100php?? In all fairness though, it honestly doesn't look a 100 peso stuff for me! So happy I bought this one! It's from our booth neighbor on the other side hehe (Artherup)
I just feel like I couldn't choose one shot of this item. Sorry. Hahaha!

This bracelet instantly caught my attention among the rest because of the unique color combination that surprisingly went amazing together!! <3 I got it from Simone's Closet Shop for only 50php!!! Super love it!! <3 Although I wish they had a smaller bracelet because I'm skinny :( Kinda big for me but it's tolerable to wear. Hehehe :>

I've been wanting a Valentino Rockstud inspired flats ever since, I was planning to buy at Hue Manila because I think they have a great quality but sadly, their shop wasn't at the SuperSale Bazaar this time. So it was kinda hard for me to look for other shops with the same great quality. Then I found this one at the Perfect Fit Shop that only costs 650php! It's a rare bargain because that kind of shoes usually costs around 700++ but I got impulsive and bought it. Sad thing? The strap in the middle was to big for me I didn't liked it. It didn't felt right. It wasn't a perfect fit (lol pun intended) Ok... Hahaha! So I'm planning to sell it! For only 500php(shipping fee/meet-up fee not included)!!! Anyone interested can dm me on my instagram or twitter!

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